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WHOA! Trey Gowdy’s New Position Is A Huge Deal… Holy Mother Of Powers!

It’s a fact that Trey Gowdy doesn’t like his job in Washington, D.C. Moreover, he is interested in switching positions.

According to Conservative 101, Gowdy gained prominence due to his success in the case of Hillary Clinton. Rumor has it that Gowdy may get the position of Attorney General. Some say he could be the next Governor of South Carolina.

The inside sources say that he is going to be the next federal judge in the U.S. fourth circuit court of appeals.

As you may be guessing, this position is right below the Supreme Court. It is in Richmond, Virginia, which is pretty close to Gowdy’s home in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Gowdy is taking the responsibility of five states – Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. We bet you are pretty happy about Gowdy’s new position.

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Source: Worldpoliticus

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