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WHOA: Tucker Carlson Makes MAJOR Announcement

Tucker Carlson took over for Megyn Kelly in January. Before the transition, Tucker had been a hugely popular reporter at Fox News. It didn’t surprise anyone when Tucker slipped seamlessly into his new time slot, nor did it shock that Tucker immediately saw higher ratings than Kelly ever did.

We knew Kelly had lost her audience and all that was needed was a host more aligned with the viewership but still, no one saw this coming. According to recent Nielsen ratings, Tucker just did something rarely done on cable.

Tucker’s popularity is shocking even jaded media critics who think they have seen it all. But all have to admit what Tucker just pulled off is astounding. The conservative host rocketed into territory not usually seen by cables news. Tucker just cracked the top 10 of all television broadcasts.

Carlson’s March 2 episode is drawing the most attention with nearly 3.5 million viewers. That was good enough to earn the #4 spot of all television shows for that Thursday. Beating out TNT’s coverage of NBA basketball, which garnered 2.7 million viewers.

The Hill noted how before Trump it was rare “for cable news programs to break into the top-10 ratings rankings.” But they noted it was not just News program that saw a bump, “with rising interest in the political process, particularly in President Trump and his new administration, cable news programs have been challenging the broadcast news networks on a more regular basis.”

Trump is a ratings machine. Even Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer has seen his White House briefings beat out popular daytime programs the like of “General Hospital” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

H/T Worldnewspolitics

The Trump ratings machine is the tide that lifts all media boats. You would think they would treat him better – they owe him a lot.

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