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Whoopi Goldberg Disrespects American Flag! Get Her Out Of The Country!

Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t save on words when it comes to the latest events in the world of politics. In this episode of The View, the doomed actress confirmed the way liberals think of the American flag. Well, now you know why the protesters are burning and tearing it in the streets.

“The flag does not always represent all of its people,” Whoopi said. “All of its people were not taken care of under our flag.” Who are you referring to, Whoopi?

“People are angry,” Goldberg stated, as if don’t know the truth about her background story. “They sometimes get angry, and they burn the flag,” Whoopi added.

As Angry Patriot Movement reports, the actress read the entire First Amendment which was supposed to confirm the freedom of speech. But, what Whoopi doesn’t know is that any form of violence and destruction of property is illegal, and no, the First Amendment doesn’t defend that.

And the liberals won’t stop recounting. Why on Earth are they trying to do the impossible?

Burning the American flag is wrong and disturbing in so many aspects, and that’s why the President-elect said that individuals who reach for it should get what they deserve.

The patriots support this, and if you remember, even Hillary supported this back then.

America’s left is out of control, and absolutely wrong. They can’t stop Trump! There is nothing to be stopped. You can’t make people change their mind and vote for Hillary. Learn to live with your loss.

Destruction and violence is the only thing liberals can do. And it’s terrible how people like Whoopi support such destructive behavior.

What else can we expect?

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Source: Worldpoliticus

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