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Whoopi Goldberg Gets BAD NEWS After Slandering Trump on ‘The View’ – SHE’S DONE….

On Thursday, Donald Trump gave a press conference in which he blasted the mainstream media, once again calling CNN “fake news.” One day later, Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow idiot liberal hosts of The View whined about how “unfair” it is that Trump continues to attack the mainstream media.

It didn’t take long for Whoopi and her friends to learn that they’d made a huge mistake.

Gossip Cop reported that Whoopi began by touting conspiracy theories, claiming Trump is hiding something.

“What’s he distracting us from? What went on yesterday?” she asked.

“The last time I saw a guy ranting and raving like that, the police came and got him,” guest co-host D.L. Hughley chimed in.

“He lies. We know he lies. Everybody knows it now,” whined Joy Behar. “He’s also given to hyperbole, as they say. He exaggerates everything. In a way it’s not funny. He’s talking about a nuclear holocaust…. These types of like really volatile statements that he makes, I think, are really dangerous.”

“As a comedian, I felt sorry for him. It was like he was bombing for 77 minutes,” she added.

“This is a gentleman who talks a lot about fake news, but puts fake news out there,” Whoopi later continued.

Once again, viewers made it clear on Twitter that they did not agree with Whoopi and her perpetual anti-Trump rhetoric.

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