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Whoopi Goldberg – The Last Straw That Will Cost Her Everything!

Uninformed, biased and loose political chatter. This is The View, which became part of ABS News department. One the show’s hosts, Whoopi Goldberg has seized every opportunity since November 8th to attack the President-elect with every chance she get, and as if it wasn’t enough that their talk show is falling apart and losing viewers on a daily basis, Goldberg still keeps offending everyone and destroying her career as well as her daytime talk show.

As we’ve reported before, an unverified 35 page “dossier” was published which claimed Trump consorted with prostitutes in Russia. A document that was proved it was typed by some prick with a keyboard and showed absolutely no basis of evidence and yet, the left has been using every opportunity — no matter how ridiculous — to slam Trump.

On The View this Wednesday, the hosts talked about the alleged Russian hacking, and mentioned that the Russians blackmail Trump with some compromising information or footage they have, and because of that he is subservient to them.

Whoopi said, “Now we can’t get into specifics […] but I do have to ask because he’s being showered with allegations right now, is this a golden opportunity for Democrats or will he be able to clean up these leaks?”

The “dossier” apparently said that Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on him. The allegation has no evidence, whatsoever, to back it up, reports Truth Monitor.

Whoopi continued with her BS and said, “The saddest thing about all of this is people jumped on what they thought was happening with Hillary Clinton without any factual information […] They’re giving this a pass, saying it’s not really real. Here’s the deal, I’m taking it like it might be real and I don’t want you compromising my country for your gain. I’m not happy with that.”

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Source: Uconservative

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