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Whoopi Goldberg Runs Her Big Mouth at Trump… GETS A BRUTAL RESPONSE

Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, Whoopi Goldberg has been whining about how “unfair” the result is on her liberal talk show The View.

During Tuesday’s episode of the show, Whoopi mouthed off about Bill O’Reilly’s claims that the liberal entertainment world has threatened to blacklist anyone who performs at Trump’s inauguration. The Fox News host explained that this is why so many A-listers have refused to perform at the January 20th event. Daily Beast reported that O’Reilly declared that there is a “reverse McCarthyism going on in the entertainment industry” that has intimidated singers from showing support for Trump in any way.

“If you are a Trump supporter, you are a bad person, and a number of entertainers believe their careers will be harmed, should they associate with the new Trump administration,” O’Reilly said last night. “Again, that is terrible, an awful state of affairs.”

While this is a totally accurate statement, it was too much for Whoopi to wrap her small mind around. Instead, she embarked on a foul rant against O’Reilly, mocking him for blaming “Hollywood bullying” for the fact that celebrities won’t perform at Trump’s inauguration.

“If you don’t vote for people who don’t support you probably won’t get turned down as much,” she said. “I know that one of the people that supported Donald Trump was Ted Nugent. So, why isn’t Ted Nugent performing? He’s one of your big supporters.”

Whoopi then turned to Trump directly.

“Stop going after the lefties to come perform if you think it’s going to be an issue,” Whoopi told Trump. “If you want people to support you, go after your supporters. Don’t go after the people who clearly did not support you and label them as being bad.”

Former Fox News contributor Jedediah Bila spoke up to reference the semi-secretive group of Hollywood conservativesfb, a group of entertainers who are afraid to come out as Republicans due to fears it might hurt their careers. Whoopi fired back by saying “This is B.S.!”

“When you’re talking about people coming to do the inauguration, which is what he’s talking about,” Whoopi said of O’Reilly, “and when you say it’s like McCarthyism, I have to yell B.S. It’s not!”

Unfortunately for Whoopi, all she accomplished was once again making herself look stupid on national television, as many took to Twitter to let her know that they want her off of The View:

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