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Whoopi Goldberg Runs Her Big Ugly Mouth at Trump… GETS SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!

Over the past few months, Whoopi Goldberg has been attacking Donald Trump on a daily basis on her liberal talk show The View. On Wednesday, however, many viewers felt that she took things way too far, and they weren’t afraid to let her know it.

Too Fab reported that the women of The View were discussing a tense exchange White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had with liberal reporter April Ryan this week in which he scolded her and told her to “stop shaking” her head.

“He has to make sense of all this ridiculousness and make it look like he actually cares,” Whoopi said of Spicer’s actions. “These journalists are talking about real stuff. These are real connections to Russia. Stop brushing it off, answer the freakin’ question Sean.”

“Would he have said that to a man? I think not,” added Sunny Hostin. “What I saw was misogyny.”

“His job is to defend Donald Trump right now and that’s a terrible position to be in,” said Jedediah Bila. “One thing I’ll say though, my advice [to journalists] would be to not be thin skinned and to toughen up. They should turn around and say don’t bully us. Don’t be thin skinned. You have a right to fight back.”

That’s when Whoopi went on her latest rant against Trump, telling him to “grow a pair.”

“This new guy does not appear to have any skin,” she said, before citing insults he’s hit former presidents with. “If you can dish it, you have to be able to take it. That’s the job. You did it. Every president goes through this. Grow a pair, it’s part of the job.”

Unfortunately for Whoopi, Twitter users let her know that they are sick of seeing her bash our president:

H/T Conservativeworlddaily

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