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Woman Angrily Flags Down Man With Trump Sticker and Asks If He Voted for Him — Then She Hits the Gas

A young man proudly displayed his bumper sticker in support of President Donald Trump, but one woman was so enraged by it that she committed a hit-and-run.

According to WBZ, the young man heard the woman shouting about his car. Thinking that there was something wrong, he pulled over.

The woman, allegedly named Chloe Wright, shouted at the man, “Did you vote for Trump?” When he confirmed his support for the president, Wright called him racist.

Wright then rammed into the back of his car. After the first hit, the man began to film her, catching footage of Wright hitting the gas to ram into his car door.

The car missed his foot by just inches.


“That could have ended really bad,” said the man, who wishes to remain anonymous to prevent more retaliation for his support of the president.

Wright was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon for the attack. According to Daily Mail, she left jail on $1,250 bail and was ordered to keep her distance from the man she hit.

“Was it really worth it for her?” asked the other driver. “I mean, she got arrested.”

WBZ reporter, Bill Shields, connected Wright’s behavior to the uptick in “Trump Anxiety Disorder,” otherwise known by pundits as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump Anxiety Disorder is an increase in anxiety marked by a fear that the world will end under Trump’s presidency.

Violent outbursts toward supporters of Trump, unfortunately, are not rare.

There have been dozens of incidents since the president announced his candidacy. Recent assaults include a teen having his “Make America Great Again” hat stolen and spit on, as well as a Whataburger employee throwing a milkshake at a Trump supporter.

The public attacks are not limited to everyday supporters of the president. Many members of the Republican party, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Mitch McConnell, faced harassment.

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