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Women’s March Sends Out Faulty SCOTUS Email Indicating They Would Have Opposed Anyone Trump Nominated

On Monday, progressive groups quickly and vehemently denounced President Donald Trump’s nomination to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

Their responses came so fast, it seemed apparent to many that they pre-wrote their statements. NARAL Pro-Choice America, one of the nation’s foremost pro-choice organizations, tweeted that it would oppose anyone Trump nominated:

But one group’s press release made it especially apparent they would have opposed just about anyone that Trump nominated.

The Women’s March, which staged a multi-city protest after Trump’s inauguration, sent out a generic email denouncing Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

There was just one problem. The first sentence didn’t include nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s name. Instead, the email contained generic language denouncing Trump’s pick alongside an “XX” where the group would presumably insert the name of whomever Trump nominated.

It’s unclear how much the Women’s March tailored its statement to Kavanaugh, as the original version contained his name in a later sentence:

Earlier on Monday, the Women’s March tweeted that it didn’t have to wait to denounce Trump’s pick. “We already know it will be someone with a stated opposition to abortion and women’s rights,” the group said:

On Twitter, the group received several responses, including mockery, for its apparent editing oversight:

The Women’s March wasn’t the only one that seemed to bypass copy editing its statement on Trump’s nominee. Democracy for America did as well:

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, thought by some to be Trump’s pick, was the only female on his reported shortlist.

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