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WOW: Millions Loved Melania’s Inauguration Outfit, But If You Look Closely…

It’s no surprise that Melania Trump, a highly successful model, was wearing a dashing outfit to her husband’s inauguration.

Though Melania could have chosen anything to wear and pulled it off, she donned a classy baby blue ensemble that was reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy.

The coat and matching dress were designed by Ralph Lauren. The cowl neckline and evening gloves were regal and sophisticated.

Comparisons to Jackie were immediate and undeniable. She truly looked like class personified.

From this outfit, it’s not hard to imagine what kind of First Lady Melania wants to be. Conservative, elegant, and respectable.

“It’s a look that, overall, is very safe, if a bit costume-y (dye-to-match pumps!). As our first reality TV president enters office, this is a family that is undeniably aware of what works on TV, and this look is very on-the-nose, Jackie Kennedy-inspired, ‘presidential,’” said Leah Chernikoff, writer for Elle, a fashion magazine.

While overall Chernikoff’s comments seem spot on, I really didn’t like her little swipe at our new First Lady.

There’s nothing wrong with being thorough and put together, is there? Especially not when the world is watching!

While liberals might call the similarity to Kennedy too much, I think we could all stand to pay some respect to America’s beloved former First Lady. A return to respectability, and to greatness, is precisely what this nation needs.

Also, like Jackie Kennedy, Melania Trump has some serious brains under that outfit! Though liberals are loathe to admit it, our First Lady speaks five languages! She also captured the heart of one of the most successful businessmen in the world — you have to have beauty and brains to match Donald Trump!

Knowing how protective she is of her son, Baron, I fully expect the welfare of children to be at the forefront of her legacy as a First Lady.

Pundits are already discussing that she is an advocate to stop online bullying of young children, a cause that definitely needs attention. And I have a feeling Melania is just the one to tackle this widespread problem.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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