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BREAKING: Tillerson May Make An Early Exit….

After so many comings and goings from Donald Trump’s office, all for the sake of the country, another staffer may be packing his belongings as well.

Although no official statement has been made yet, sources “familiar with [Rex Tillerson’s] conversations with friends outside Washington” have already shared with liberal CNN that Tillerson, ex-ExxonMobil CEO may be quite enraged with their boss and might be leaving before the year closes.

“Tillerson reportedly agreed with Trump critics who thought it was unprofessional when the president lashed out last week at Attorney General Jeff Sessions because he recused himself from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump referred to Sessions as “beleaguered” in a Monday morning tweet and has reportedly floated the idea of replacing him with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R).”

Although this is the very beginning of an uncertain story, the main thing is that anything that potentially harms America needs to be eradicated.

Let’s be honest, Tillerson is more than capable of handling his cabinet and encouraging things to go smoothly.

In case he does decide to leave, Trump might have a few names up his sleeve, including John Bolton.

America is not a toy to be passed around for everyone’s fun and entertainment, therefore it is crucial Trump has a solid team that will work well under pressure and won’t ever yield under the liberal manipulation.

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