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Kim Jong Un Targets Guam, Forgets The Game Changing Factor That Will Stop Him

Despite the fact that Kim Jong Un  likes to think of himself as the ultimate warfare power, he might be missing a huge detail in the story.

Kim recently spoke about having Guam on his military radar, due to the fact it is one of the largest U.S. military bases at the moment.

However, North Korea has totally forgotten about one ‘minor’ key piece in the puzzle- Japan.

“[L]et’s say North Korea was able to launch a missile, or several missiles, successfully,” elaborated conservative analyst Tom Rogan in The Washington Examiner. “In that scenario, U.S. missile defense forces in Japan would kick into overdrive.”

The contributor also specified that if Guam faces an attack, the consequences will be colossal.

“As the map below indicates, a ballistic missile attack on Guam would have to travel across Japan,” Rogan explained.

This could trigger japan to react before anything like that takes place at all.

“Japan is protected by the Aegis ballistic missile defense system, designed to intercept ballistic missiles in midcourse (between boost/launch and terminal stages). And as the map shows, any ballistic missile targeting Guam would be midcourse while over Japan,” the analyst elaborated.

“Via forces at Anderson Air Force base, Guam is protected by the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system and, presumably, also Patriot PAC-3 interceptor batteries,” Rogan explained.

“These are terminal phase interceptor forces designed to shoot down a ballistic missile as it re-enters the atmosphere in the final stage of an attack.”

Aide from that, Guam’s size will be playing a deciding factor in the entire development.

Being a small island, this is exactly why North Korea will find it troubling targeting it properly.

“At around 28 miles long and 8 miles wide, Guam is not a big target,” Rogan assured.

“That produces an added risk calculation to North Korean strategy. After all, while the range and nuclear warhead-compatibility of North Korean ballistic missiles are impressive, their targeting capabilities are less competent,” his report suggested.

The entire agenda could become a ‘going in blind’-kinda-thing for North Korea.

There comes a time when the U.S. gets to call in a return of favor from its allies, which is where Japan steps in.

All in all, it’s not a bad time to have a few aces up your sleeve.

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