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One Billionaire Revealed That China Has 25.000 Spies In U.S.

A billionaire Chinese businessman who has broken off the connections with the Beijing regime publicly revealed the secret Chinese plan that brought thousands of intelligence officers into America with one main purpose to recruit thousands inside the country.

The wealthy rebel, real estate tycoon Guo Wengui, said in an interview with the Free Beacon, that China has infiltrated 25,000 intelligence officers into the U.S., who now have an approximately 15,000 agents working inside the country. If this is correct, that means 40,000 human sources are living in the United States, just waiting for the moment Beijing decides to rise against the American government.

According to Free Beacon reports Guo established “close ties to the Ministry of State Security, the civilian intelligence service, and the military spy service of the People’s Liberation Army.”

Guo, who is also known by the name Miles Kwok, told the Free Beacon that he learned about China’s secret spy activities by establishing these close connections.

“I know the Chinese spy system very, very well,” Wengui stated, “I have information about very minute details about how it operates.”

Guo said he was told about the plan by Ma Jian, a former vice minister of China’s Ministry of State Security, and Ji Shengde, a former military intelligence chief for the People’s Liberation Army.

“I know Ma Jian had been working state security system for over 30 years,” Guo stated, according to the Free Beacon. “And he was responsible for sending out spies as well as for counter espionage, also vis a vis the U.S. So, Ma Jian knows everything about the United States.”

“Before 2012, cumulatively, China had around 10,000 to 20,000 agents working in the United States,” Guo stated. “These agents had been sent to work in the United States over a 50-year period of time, and they were working in a defensive mode.”

After 2012, he stated, Chinese leaders choose to send another 5,000 spies to the United States.

“Some of them were sent as students, some as businessmen, and some as immigrants, but all-together, 5,000,” Guo stated. “In addition to that, they developed between 15,000 to 18,000 other spies, and these are not directly sent but these are developed within the United States.”

A high number of the recruited agents were ethnic Chinese, he stated, but all ethnic groups whites, blacks, Hispanics, are represented.

“By offensive, I mean to be ready to destroy the U.S. in ways they can,” Guo stated.

According to Guo, China has a few stages in their plan of attack. “The first is to obtain military weapons-related technology. This is priority No. 1,” he stated.

Second, they will attempt to “buy” senior U.S. officials, to have them as a reserve.

And third is doing the same with the family members of influential American politicians or business elites.

Then, Guo stated, the United States will not expect that the attack will come from within its borders.

“This is where the biggest danger lies,” Guo said. “It’s clear the situation is getting more and more dangerous now. The United States has the best weapons in its arsenal, such as laser weapons, etc. Yet, the Chinese spy system has penetrated into the bloodstream of American defense establishment with their viruses and everything else.”

Guo wanted to alarm his new country.

“The United States is bleeding and is unaware that sooner or later the United States will run out of blood,” he said.

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