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College Student Who Stole MAGA Hat Off Other Student’s Head Faces Up To A Year In Jail

This stems from an incident that happened in September at the University of California Riverside. A female student ripped the MAGA Trump hat off a male student’s head and wouldn’t return it. Now she’s in serious trouble.

The College Fix reports:

Student who stole MAGA hat faces up to one year in jail after DA files charge

A UC Riverside student who stole a peer’s Make America Great Again hat off his head and refused to give it back now faces steep legal consequences.

A criminal complaint provided to The College Fix by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office states that Edith Macia

The next court date on the matter is slated for March, and the maximum penalty Macias faces if convicted as currently charged is one year in county jail, a spokesman for the DA’s office told The Fix.

The charge was filed after UC Riverside student Matthew Vitale, the student who had his Make America Great Again hat stolen from off his head, decided to press criminal theft charges against Macias.

According to the declaration in support of an arrest warrant, Macias told the officer who responded to the incident that the reason she swiped the hat was because it represented “genocide of a bunch of people.”

She will probably think twice before doing something like that again!



  1. Louise Mitchell

    November 23, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    She need the snowflake award

  2. Samuel Garcia

    November 24, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    I support this student who’s MAGA hat was stolen by this idiot woman. The book of God’s word states in one of His commandments “thou shalt not steal”, this is also the law in the United States of America. The rule of law needs to be re-established in this land because the muslim ex president did not care to enforce it. Put this lady away!

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