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HERE WE GO: Senator Mitch McConnell Badgered At Airport By Anti-Kavanaugh Activists

Empowered by the impact leftist activists recently had on lily-livered Republican Senator Jeff Flake, more anti-Kavanaugh activists are seeking action against Republicans.

On Monday, three female protesters badgered Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell while he was walking through Washington’s Reagan National Airport, feigning outrage when he would not acknowledge them and slandering the Republican Party as pro-rape, naturally.

Two of the activists have been identified by The Huffington Post as Tracey Corder, Center for Popular Democracy’s “racial justice campaign director,” and Naina Khanna, Positive Women’s Network USA’s executive director.

The women are working to make sure Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — who has had weak, changing, and uncorroborated accusations of sexual misconduct leveled against him in the eleventh hour — doesn’t get confirmed.

McConnell, seemingly unfazed by the harassment, looked straight ahead and even shook a random man’s hand on his way out of the airport.

This did not sit well with the feminists, as you might imagine.

“It is really telling that you shook the hand of a man while a woman is trying to tell you her story,” yelled Corder.

“We would like to know if you believe survivors of sexual violence?” said Khanna.

At one point, Khanna bizarrely accuses one of the men escorting McConnell of “assaulting” her after she repeatedly brushes up against him. “I keep stepping on her feet,” he responded, explaining why he moved.

As McConnell walked up an escalator, Khanna yelled, “Senator McConnell, do you always turn your back on women like this?”

He was also asked if we would “support a full FBI investigation.” There is already an FBI investigation underway, of course.

“We walked up to him respectfully. We really wanted to ask him about his vote and how he felt,” Corder told The Huffington Post. “This is three women of color trying to talk to him. He saw a white man and instantly shook his hand. That felt pretty hurtful.”

Senator Flake helped to delay the confirmation vote on Kavanaugh after he was confronted by left-wing activists yelling about sexual assault in an elevator. Flake did not sexually assault the activists. Nor did Kavanaugh. And the reality that there is zero evidence to even corroborate the “gathering” wherein this alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh took place did not matter, it seemed. Kavanaugh is apparently meant to take the hit for all victims of sexual assault, guilty or not.

And, as you can see, the activists are learning that the tact worked. Though is seems highly unlikely to work on a man like McConnell, who’s used to the harassment from the Left (as is his wife!).


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