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Leftists Lose Their Minds Over Kavanaugh, Promptly Use Nomination To Raise Money

It wouldn’t have mattered: President Trump could’ve nominated Mahatma Gandhi and the Left still would have screeched.

Who Trump picked mattered so little to the Left that they literally started without him. Long before Trump strode into the White House East Room on Monday night to name Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee, the Women’s March put out this release: “In response to Donald Trump’s nomination of XX to the Supreme Court of the United States, the Women’s March released the following statement….” That’s right: They just put a couple of Xs in there as placeholders.

At noon on Monday — nine hours before Trump’s announcement — Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) put out a statement announcing he would oppose the nomination. No, Casey would not carefully weigh the selection, as voters had elected him to do. He wouldn’t hear Kavanaugh out, ask probing questions, then make a considered judgment. Quoting Lincoln, Casey said he “was not elected to genuflect to the hard Right, who are funded by corporate America.” Ah, corporate America, that evil entity that employs 90% of Americans. What scum.

Hours before the nomination, ABC News wrote this on Twitter: “Tonight on Nightline, @TerryMoran reports on the controversial Supreme Court Justice pick and the possible implications for the country.”

Leftists and liberals everywhere had already written their press releases, accusing the nominee — it didn’t matter who it was — of hating women and minorities, immigrants and gays. They’d already declared Trump’s nominee would set back the course of human history with neanderthal thinking, would be in the back pocket of those evil corporations. He’d strip health care from millions, kill the unions, and run roughshod over civil rights.

And so it all came to pass, on cue.

“In selecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, President Trump has put reproductive rights and freedoms and health care protections for millions of Americans on the judicial chopping block,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said in an email at 9:07 p.m. — minutes after Trump had named Kavanaugh. “This nomination could alter the balance of the court in favor of powerful special interests and against working families for a generation, and would take away labor, civil, and human rights from millions of Americans.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also read from the same talking points, calling the Kavanaugh nomination “a clear and disrespectful assault on the fundamental rights of women and on the quality, affordable health care of the American people.”

“Judge Kavanaugh’s long history of opposition to the full, fundamental right of every woman to make her own decisions about her body, family and health care poses a grave threat to women’s rights and to our founders’ promise of liberty and justice for all,” she said. “If he proves as eager an executor of the president’s bitter campaign to overturn Roe v. Wade and sabotage Americans’ health care as his record suggests, a woman’s right to choose will be repealed and the health coverage and economic security of 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions will be in grave peril.”

The rhetoric only got more purple from there.

Jim Dean, the chairman of Democracy for America, said Trump’s nominee will “directly lead to the deaths of countless women.”

“If Brett Kavanaugh survives the confirmation process, he will rapidly advance a fringe right agenda on the court that will accelerate plutocratic control of our economy and politics, actively undermine the steps our country must take towards greater racial equity, and directly lead to the deaths of countless women with the dismantling of abortion rights,” he wrote.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, charged with helping the party win back the Senate, joined the fray. “Kavanaugh is a far-right conservative who is known to be hostile to women’s rights and prioritizes corporations over people,” the group said in an email.

And the DSCC wanted one thing: Money. “Chip in $1 to help elect Senate Democrats,” said the email.

Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, wanted a bit more.

“Chip in $3 to help Democrats regain a majority in the Senate this November. The only way it will be possible is if we work together — starting right now,” he wrote. “You better believe that with Brett Kavanaugh on the bench, Roe v. Wade, affordable health care, labor unions, and civil rights will all be on the chopping block,” he said.

For his part, Kavanaugh said he’d do just what he was nominated to do: Uphold the Constitution.

“A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law,” Kavanaugh said at the White House with his family by his side. “A judge must interpret statutes as written. And a judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent.”

He added: “Tomorrow, I begin meeting with members of the Senate, which plays an essential role in this process. I will tell each senator that I revere the Constitution. I believe that an independent judiciary is the crown jewel of our constitutional republic. If confirmed by the Senate, I will keep an open mind in every case and I will always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law.”

But although it was the first time the nominee had spoken out, it was already too late. Liberals and Leftists everywhere had already made up their minds.




  1. Betty

    July 10, 2018 at 5:07 pm

    The Demoncrats have become so sick that they cannot open their mouths without spewing false predictions, casting aspersions, and lying. How I hope their madness backfires big time, for I have come to absolutely loathe their abominations.

  2. sally

    July 10, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    these people have totally lost their minds and they lie 100% of the time. there is not a shred of truth i n their lies- they are totally insane- the only real truth is that the right does not agree with them and they lost the election. what the F is going on here? who has them so deranged and whipped up? OBAMA? SORROS? WHO? is destroying our country like this and WHY are these people behaving like insane sheep..??

    • Dean Perry

      July 10, 2018 at 6:16 pm

      “They lie 100% of the time”. Like Trump?
      I also Google “Sorros” and found nothing!

      • SAF

        July 17, 2018 at 3:07 pm

        Dean, you are an idiot. Google constantly takes down any videos about George Soros that are on the internet. Patriots put them up, and the tech giants take them down. Let me tell you who George Soros is. George Soros is a billionaire self proclaimed philanthropist. In an interview he did a couple decades ago with a mainstream journalist we all know, but I just can’t remember his name right now, he clearly stated that he had helped the Nazi’s to flush out Jews, because he is a jew himself, from their homes. He promised them that nothing would happen to them if they just cooperated with authorities. In return, the Nazi’s gave him the property of the target subjects. He told the interviewer that he had no regret or remorse for what he had done at all. “Not at all” were his words. The interviewer even went on to say that this would put most children on the psychiatric couch. He said he was just fine and was basically just in survival mode. I’m paraphrasing now. But he went on to become a zionist. I believe that in his mind, he in a strange way thinks he is protecting the motherland of Israel now by carrying out the evil acts that he does now against the world. He funds these groups around the world to cause dissent and destruction of democracies and peoples around the globe. Here in the US he has funded Black Lives Matter,, and others. He is basically wanting to topple all western countries so they can easily be taken over by the New World Order Agenda 2030. There is an evil force behind all of this that seeks to install one world government. Soros himself is just a puppet for these people, and once they get what they want, well of course they will dispose of him. He will burn in hell just like the rest of the people that moved along this new world order agenda.

    • paulette barrow

      July 10, 2018 at 6:59 pm


  3. Marlene deRonde

    July 10, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    I have one thing to say about unions. They are run by democrats. They take union dues out of ones paycheck. Then when my husband’s job went on strike for better benefits at the order of the union. After 3 weeks of no income employees were told they could go to a location quite a distance away to receive groceries. We received 3 bags of dented cans and expired dates if assirted food we don’t eat. And, of course, he had to walk the picket line at assigned times in any weather. This is not what I expected from a group that partied elaborately at least once a year. Unions suck-!!! They don’t protect you. If one feels they need a union for protection then that person needs to examine oneself to better their work habits. No increase in pay will ever make up for lost wages and ruined credit when one can’t pay bills during weeks with no income.

  4. Teresa Nunez-Ruiz

    July 10, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    There isn’t any abortion rights. “Thou shall not kill.”

  5. paulette barrow

    July 10, 2018 at 6:58 pm


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