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WATCH: 1995 Obama Video Surfaces – Exposes Who He Really Is

Former President Barack Obama worked hard for the eight years he was in the White House to distance himself from his self-professed mentor, communist Frank Marshall Davis.

In Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father,” he refers to his mentor as only “Frank.” In an audiobook version that was made at a later date, “Frank” was taken out completely.

Obama should know, anything can be recovered on the internet. Obama was on his book tour in 1995 at the Cambridge Public Library when the video was taken. He not only explains who “Frank” is, he talks about how his mentor “schooled” him about how much white people are racist.

Obama explains that the portion in his book about “me having a conversation with a close friend of my maternal grandfather, a close friend of gramps, a black man from Kansas, named Frank.” This was the same time a well-known poet moved to Hawaii and lived there, named Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama continued, “And so I have a discussion with him about the kinds of frustrations I’m having, and he sorts of schools me that I should get used to these frustrations.”

In his highly controversial material Obama describes how his view of the world as a teenager was. Obama said, “Any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning,” basically saying all whites are racist.

Anyone who felt that his view of the world was wrong, or said he was just being “paranoid,” was the equivalent to them calling Obama the n-word.

Frank Marshall Davis was a former member of the Communist Party USA, who managed to accumulate a 600-page dossier of his activities from the FBI as well as place him on the bureau’s “security index,” which means he could have been arrested at any time.

Marshall’s poetry included one lovely passage where he called Jesus the n-word, as well.

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  2. Oruc Selcuk

    September 24, 2017 at 5:53 am

    I have several posted , stating that Obama was a communist. Also recently I have posted that Democratic Party actually a Communist Party! I don’t think that anybody has believed me, because no one even acknowledged my posts. I posted on face book recently same think, but I was ignored. Now after I read the article above I was right all along!

    Recent ANTIFA riots in Austin Texas proves that I am right, the people were carrying Red Communist Flags and were arguing with the Police. These people and the Democratic Party are hiding behind the Liberal Socialist actually they all are Communist!

  3. Joy D. Brower

    September 24, 2017 at 6:06 am

    Frankly, I was initially impressed with how Obama introduced his talk. It made sense, and he spoke directly, yet naturally. But at about the 9 minute marker, his views of race – and, remember, he did come from a privileged background and even some of his good friends were white! – began to emerge; and although one (tiny) part of me is sympathetic to his unique (black & white) situation, the business of “identity politics” is mentioned – and it’s all downhill from there! I couldn’t stand to listen to his whining and justification for his own prejudices! Maybe I’ll never get inside the skin of a black person; but as blacks become more a part of our mainstream community, it behooves ALL of us to work toward more effective and more frequent communication among ALL people! Of course – and I really didn’t get into this, because I didn’t have the time to dwell on this video – he was guided carefully – and, as history has attested – by Frank Davis, the communist who mentored him in high school. That profound influence is BOUND to make an indelible impression on a young (Obama at the time!) mind!

  4. Pete

    September 24, 2017 at 10:12 am

    I watched an original version (there were at least two!) of this about 2006 or 7. Along about the 31 minute mark, he proudly mentioned he was born in Kenya. This didn’t fully register at the time, but it did happen. Later, maybe months, I found it and played it a number of times looking for that comment, but no luck. It is now fully understandable why !!

  5. Joan

    September 24, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Obama is a disgrace to our country and office of president. His persona and presidency was a complete sham on the American people. He should have been incarcerated already. But of course, our corrupt, powerful marxists, elitists, Globalists, have the money and power to cover up their crimes. Hope they, dems and rinos and their loved ones burn in hell

  6. Craig

    September 24, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Frank also liked taking nude pictures of Barry’s Mother for porn magazines and Frank may also be Barry’s baby daddy.

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